Sony HVL-HL1 3 Watt Video Light

Sony HVL-HL1 3 Watt Video Light
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Sony HVL-HL1 Video Light lets you cut through the darkness.Designed to be used without the need for a battery, the HVL-HL1 receives its power directly from a compatible Handycam camcorder’s Active Accessory Shoe. The HVL-HL1’s Auto Function feature automatically turns the light on whenever lighting is dim, making it easier than ever to capture picture perfect video in a variety of situations. Its compact, lightweight design makes it easy to carry, while the included storage case helps keep it safe while off of the camcorder.


•3 watt video designed exclusively for compatible Handycam camcorders.
•Provides a bright light for shooting in dark places or where there is a strong backlight.
•The Auto Function feature turns the light on automatically in dimly lit situations.
•Power is supplied by the camcorder’s Active Accessory Shoe; no need for external batteries.
•Includes an storage pouch to keep the light safe while away from the camcorder.
•Compact, lightweight and easy to store.


•Connection Type: Active Accessory Shoe (16 pin).
•Power Consumption (approximate): 3 Watts.
•Center Luminance Intensity (approximate): 100 cd.
•Lighting Distance (approximate): 12 Lux.
•Lighting Angle (approximate): 15°.
•Lamp Type: Xenon.
•Lamp Model: XB-3L.
•Lamp Power Consumption (approximate): 3 Watts.
•Lamp Life (approximate): 100 Hours.
•Lamp Color Temperature (approximate): 3000K.
•Dimensions (approximate): 1 1/4 x 2 3/8 x 1 5/8 inches (31.5mm x 57.5mm x 40mm).
•Weight (approximate): 1.1 oz (30 g).
•Color: Graphite Silver.
•Operating Temperature: 32° – 104° F (0° – 40° C).
•Storage Temperature: -22° – 149° F (-30° – 65° C).
•Included Accessories: Storage Pouch.