Studio Small Light Set MonoLight Kit W/ Softbox & Umbrella

Studio Small Light Set MonoLight Kit W/ Softbox & Umbrella
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  • This is studio portrait light set suitable for small professional studio or home studio. The monolight has built in model light, which can be turned on 100% or adjusted to the dialed output of the strobe. The output can be adjusted from 1/8 to full blast without moving the light. The slave strobe synchronized with the monolight for fill.

    The modeling of the monolight let us see the intensity and the angle how the light is cast.

    We bundle this with a 16x16 inch softbox to give you the ultimate softening effect for portraiture application. The silver umbrella gives you the contrast you need for highlight.

    The stands can be adjusted from 3 ft to a maximum of 7 ft.


  • A 110 ws monolight with dial out put from 1/8 to full blast. Built in modeling light.

  • A slave strobe (approx 38 ws)

  • The lights can be triggered by sync cord (included). We carry radio wireless trigger (optional) that eliminates the cable. We also carry PC Sync hot shoe adapter for those cameras that have a hot shoe, but no pc sync outlet.

  • A pair of (2x) 7 ft light stands

  • 16x16 softbox with baffle and white translucent screen

  • 32 inch silver reflective umbrella

  • A nylon case for the stands and umbrella